Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

"The Mobile Hyperbaric Centers staff was very good to me and for me. The service was very good."
"The staff was caring and helpful and not only to me, but to all the patients, especially the people who needed a lot of care. They were great."
"I loved everyone that was involved with the hyperbaric treatments."
"I first started Hyperbarics in November and was on the verge of losing my whole foot. I had already had my pinky toe amputated and the infection spread and was turning my foot black. My surgeon at the time suggested I go to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to try to save my foot. Within three weeks of starting my foot's coloration had come back and the infection was almost gone. The large open wound I had was even closing with new healthy skin. Now I am pain free. I also had an infection in my wrist. In two weeks the wound was closed and my hand was saved. Mobile Hyperbaric Centers did a wonderful job closing my wounds and saving my right foot and hand. I would recommend Mobile Hyperbaric centers to anyone with diabetic wounds, because it works.

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